Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Beauty is All Around US......How Fun

I happen to be a huge Rob Lowe fan;his character Chris Traeger on Parks and Rec is flawless. I so love to watch him play this ever optimistic, glass half-full, sliver-lining guy. The show has really taken off in my mind in the last 2 years. Just Sayin!
Here are some blue bells from my walk yesterday. I love them. They bloom now and only now in our Chicago area. Do you ......blue bell??
So, I'm watching Parks and Rec
I'm walking again
and I'm reading the Knitting Pocket Bible by Mimi Hill. One of the websites that was new to me, in her book, is: Blacksheepwools.com. Give the site a look see if you have never.
I'm potato chip knitting the Life is Good Shawl in Lorna's Laces.
I'm a bit less tired. This is huge news. What a little steak and normal sleep cycles will do is amazing. With my new found energy I shall tidy up the humble abode today. I have strewn just about everything, just about everywhere in the last week.
A final thought for today: Better to have your enemies inside your circle pissing out, than outside your circle pissing in.....(that is from the Ted talk I mentioned yesterday)


Grace said...

so sorry i missed Fireman's birthday--been a wee bit behind in my blog reading.

Tell him i hope it was very happy!

glad the steak helped with the rest!!!

Grateful4Crochet said...

I LOVE parks and rec!!!

SissySees said...

I've never even heard of Parks & Rec... I'm not a big TV-watcher.

gMarie said...

Your title is what inspired me to stop and remember that little things in life that make it worth getting up each day. Beauty truly is all around us. I need to get out with my camera more.

I love Rob Lowe, but have not seen Parks and Rec. And so very, very true about the enemy. g

Katherine said...

Lovely Bluebells!! Don't know about Parks and Rec. Will check on it. Love the final thought. That goes along with "keep your friends close and your enemies closer!"

JelliDonut said...

I agree-Rob Lowe is NOT hard to look at!

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