Friday, May 11, 2012

10,000 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I am kidding. I will, however, list a few if you are so inclined to read them this morning!
The Tin Man was out shining in all his glory in Lincoln Park . (at Oz Park yesterday when we went to get Zach from DePaul.) If I only had a heart.....
*I love the Wizard of Oz. I lose it every time the Scarecrow and Dorothy say GOODBYE .
*I knit this little hat in Berroco Comfort leftovers for a friends Charity hat drive. I did a seed stitch 2x2 brim, then a simple stockinette in the round, juxtaposed by a row of purling every so often, and topped off with a umbilical cord top.
*I could probably vacation the rest of my life in Wisconsin and be content.
*I am the 4th of 6 children. Middle girl.
*My favorite knit patterns are the simplest.
*I'm not a fan of KNITTING WITHOUT TEARS. (gasp!)
*I have a cell phone that I almost never answer....
*I've never conquered my coca-cola addiction.
*When I want to relax before falling asleep I think about knitting
*I can sleep anywhere, anytime. I think this is a result of never sleeping when my kids were little. I Felt anxious and constantly on guard for their lives....
*I only like home grown tomatoes.
*I didn't eat salad or vegetables until I was 20.
*I could exist soley on bread and butter.
*Circular knitting often hurts my wrist, but double points do not.
*I leave many many more comments on others blogs, but I rarely read all their comments for the day.
(there are a few exceptions)
*I speak Spanish well enough to get medical information across. I cannot tell you how to get to the airport, however, in Spanish.
*I have a water-filled pillow.
*I love naming animals. (Elaine and Babka have turned the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they will make it)
*When I go out for breakfast I order meat and potatoes. Ie: Hashbrowns and a side of ham.
*I have never gotten drunk. I could though, on champagne.....
*I worry too much about being productive.....somedays I try not to plan a thing and let the day evolve...
*I am thinking of a 10,000 comment gift.....I hope I can write a pattern for you all.
I have written the pattern for the COMMENT CAP, if you would like the pattern just ask and I'll send it to you in the comments. !!! Thanks Chan for the nudge. *


SissySees said...

Love that little hat. How many stitches would I cast on for a newborn size?

Anonymous said...

Good bread and European butter --- food of the gods!

gMarie said...

hmmmm - 10,000 things - some are very interesting.

I adore circulars and use them almost exclusively. But then I don't have trouble with my hands (thank goodness - type, sew, knit).

Hat is adorable. So glad to hear the kitties have turned a corner.


KSD said...

Lovely information --- thank you!

Mereknits said...

Love this post, I feel like I know you so much better. I never slept when my kids were little and I still have trouble now. The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie, well that and To Kill A Mockingbird. My husband is from Wisconsin and I have lived there twice, it is soooo beautiful. I love to knit simple things and I just bought yarn today!!!!
Have a good workend and Happy Mother's Day.

Katherine said...

Darling Hat!!

Love to hear interesting things about my favorite blogging buddies. You don't answer your cell phone??? I'm too afraid it might be one of the kids and they might need me!

I too could live on bread and butter as long as the bread is not plain old white bread.

I also love to name animals AND inanimate objects (like my car and Kindle).

Good news about the kitties!!

Kathy said...

The tinman would fit right in where I live! I live outside the home of Frank L Baum - the author of the Wizard of Oz! The streets in the town are paved with painted yellow bricks! They have an OZ parade which draws thousands to the tiny little village. We have always had the "real" munchkins attending as well.

Yippee about the kitties!!!!

Judy S. said...

Yay, kitties! Very cute hat!

Grace said...

i miss bread and butter

can't wait to see your pattern

can't see the hat again

happy for the kitties!

Eileen said...

I have never thought to write about things you didn't know about me... it's a bit like baring your soul.
Recently I have been thinking about writing down 60 things to do before I die. What do you think?
Glad to hear the kittens have turned a corner!

Lynneb said...

My daughters sleep on water filled pillows! They are always trying to get me on board! Do you love it?

Voie de Vie said...

Bread, butter and wine ... and I'm right there with you. :)

Robin said...

Loved this post! Very interesting tidbits. Yep. Wizard of Oz - still scared of those flying monkeys! Sound of Music is my undoing.

AlisonH said...

Love it. When I was a small child, we went to my grandparents' one night to see the Wizard of Oz in color for the first time (and I got to stay up late for it!) They had one of the very first color sets.

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