Thursday, April 05, 2012

Good News

#1 My father did well in surgery yesterday! Let the healing begin.

#2 Joanie found the shawl her aunt made her over 60 years ago.
Garter and feather and fan. A real heirloom.

#3 Let's Play Ball......Go Cubbies.....whatever

#4 Karen says I wasn't knitting my shawl/neckercheif incorrectly after all!

#5 My hoola hoop has arrived.....let the workouts begin

#6 I've ordered some puppy scissors

#7 My sister is in from Minnesota taking over for a few days...the relief is palpable

#8 Our Dairy Queen opens today

#9 Calista the survivor kitty is well enough to be up for adoption now

#10 Ready to start Al's blanket in soft grey

DO you have good news?


SissySees said...

Umm... nope. Nothing fabulous to celebrate, but I'm happy for all of your good news. (No bad news here, just another routine, slightly hectic day.)

sapphireblue said...

Sounds like you are having a great day. I'm hope the kitty gets a good home.

fancystitching said...

So glad your Dad's surgery went well! Yes, good news for me is that I am ALMOST done quilting the 3 quilts that had to be finished before this weekend, and that means that tomorrow MAY be a kayaking/fishing day, weather permitting!

Nancy said...

I am happy that things are beginning to get better all around. Try to get some rest and recharge.

Judy S. said...

'Twas good news hearing the good news about your dad! So where did you finally order the puppy scissors? Have a blessed Easter!

Grace said...

so happy your dad is doing well---treasure him please!!!

love puppy snips i have some too

I finished a shawl last night, it is so small baby margaux could wear it, but they tell me it will block much larger, keeping my fingers crossed

started 2 new ones!!

KSD said...

That shawl is a treasure. In every way.

Katherine said...

All good news! So glad to hear your Dad dis well and is on the road to recovery.

My good news--the 17th is almost here and I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief!!

kathy b said...

i got them at the knit bin.......great customer service

Karen said...

Yay, I'm just getting caught up on blog reading and am so happy to hear of the good news on your dad!! I'm so sorry he's going through such an ordeal but my thoughts are with you all!!

Dorothy said...

I love DQ! (And my waistline is glad that we don't have one close by!)

Amen for your Dad's surgery!

Dee said...

I'm glad to hear your Dad is doing better.

The day the Dairy Queen opens is always cause for celebration!

gMarie said...

You have fabulous good news! Thanks for sharing and so glad for #1. g

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