Saturday, April 28, 2012

3KCBWDAY 7 Balance

I have to post the final 3KCBW this year tonight. It is early, but I will be sleeping all day tomorrow after working night shift. I am delighted to have completed the week.
So I strike a crochet and knit balance???? No way. I'm always the knitter and very occasionally the crocheter. I do like to crochet edges for softness. I also will crochet a bag to felt over knitting it, due to the speed of the process.
My Irish Nana taught me crochet. Friends taught and re taught me to knit.
Crochet hurts my hands/wrists. Knitting feels great. Balance. is ...what I am always striving to achieve in the philosophical sense of the word. How do I try to stay balanced?
I nap. I pray. I try not to over think life.... and I can still stand on my head for a good long time...... when you are short, it is easier to balance.


Katherine said...

You are so much more philosophical about achieving balance than I!! I rage against the trying and the failing. It often seems out of my control and I wonder if maybe I should be seeking to accept rather than seeking balance. Heady subject for a weekend!!

BTW Please let me know if the standing-on-the-head approach works better!

SissySees said...

Katherine made me giggle... I am definitely not even on the acceptance path! I'm more of the... WHY WON'T MY WAY WORK!? kinda' girl...

Heck though, I'll try standing on my head if it works.

And for the record, I totally agree; I am a knitter who crochets only when it is prudent. It does hurt my hands/wrist too.

Mereknits said...

Ah that is why I could never stand on my head, I am tall! Balance is a tough thing to gain or try to maintain. I try but with menopause, parents that are failing, a son having to be home schooled this year and another moving to college, balance is not something I have. But I am trying and yarn helps!

Happy Sunday, get lots of rest.


SusanB-knits said...

I'm with you on the crochet thingy. I like crochet but it hurts my wrists and I love knitting! so I knit more. But it's always nice to edge a knitted piece (see balance, hehehe, probably the only place in my life that is balanced) No standing on my head, it makes my sinuses hurt. :)

Lynn said...

I'm more of a knitter than a crocheter as well. My mom taught me to knit when I was 9 which I think is why I can knit like I do now. Time and learning young.

Crocheting also hurts my hands, but I have to knit a LONG time before my hands start to hurt.

Balance. SOmething to strive for on a daily basis.

Voie de Vie said...

Well I'm definitely more of a crocheter - but my knitting skillz get madder and madder. :)

Agreed, it's so much easier to find balance when you're short. :)

Karen said...

So you are unbalanced like me, craft-wise I mean:)

gMarie said...

I seek for balance constantly. Work, life, crafts, etc. I can crochet and have made entire afghans - but I don't love the process as much as knitting. That being said - my craft balance is between sewing and knitting. Such is life. g

Grace said...

thank you for doing this all week, it has been great to read your posts, I just didn't have the mental discipline this time to take part,

as for balance---my name is grace, I am the complete opposite a total oaf who wouldn't know balance, the stand on your own to feet kind or the one pound of lettuce = one pound of potatoes kind or the knitting or crochet kind. I prefer knitting, I do both but love me a pair of knitting needles

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