Friday, March 30, 2012

This is how you might take a blood pressure on a cat

You use a doppler device. White Pup pup was a great model. Too bad Radar wanted nothing to do with the process. Fireman and I failed last night. Friend, Sharon RN and I failed again this morning. The great staff at our vet's office, got his BP when I took him in today for an X-ray.
His systolic was 200. Quite high. The X-ray showed kidney stones.

Poor poor Radar. Now wonder he is pulling his fur out again. He's on a opiate now. We have a new plan. If he requires surgery we will likely end his suffering. If he can pass the stones on his own, he should feel much better until more form....everyone in our house in on the same page. Thank goodness.

My father was in good spirits this morning when I visited. 5 days to surgery. Prayers appreciated so very much.

I took my mom to Hackney's. It is a local favorite in Glenview. Guy F went there for a diners drive ins dives, show. It was nice to have mom one on one. My mom watches Hallmark channel. We watched two episodes of Little House on the Prarie together. Those were darling, good shows.
Man that Micheal Landon was a handsome dude. Half-pint was so darn good in those days.

I knitted away on my mindless shawl.

So that is how you try to take a cat's blood pressure.

Have you tried anything new lately?


SissySees said...

Oh poor Radar! One of my first times in the back of an ambulance (as the attendant) was with a big, manly fire captain in the throes of passing a stone. Shudder...

Poor Radar. Hugs an pretty yarn to you.

Nothing new here... except the Hunger Games trilogy. Just cracked book #3.

fancystitching said...

Thanks for answering that question! Poor Radar...hope the stones pass soon.

Sending prayers for your dad and all of your family.

Grace said...

keeping everyone in our prayers---my new thing is a new knitting stitch called the Indian Pillar Stitch, its a P3Together, K3together P3 Together all in the same 3 stitches. It is really cool!

Mereknits said...

Oh my, I go away for a week and all h*ll breaks loose. Hope Radar is feeling better, good for Al and her new place, hope your Dad is feeling better. My Max was ill while we were gone so I am keeping a close eye on him.
Hugs to you,

Katherine said...

Poor little Radar!! I hope he is all better soon, stoneless and feeling good!!

Your Dad and your whole family are in my prayers. Keep knitting that shawl and thinking good thoughts.

Nothing new here. April 1st and the big push. Same old, same old.

gMarie said...

Poor Radar. Hope he lets you take his presure soon. Poor little guy. I also hope he's able to pass that stone on his own.

Glad to hear your dad is stable (?) and mom is doing well. Sounds like you two had a lovely afternoon. g

Judy S. said...

So glad you can be there for both your mom and dad, Kathy. I'm sure it means a lot. Sorry to hear about Radar; hope he pulls through. Hugs to you!

sapphireblue said...

We learn something new every day.

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