Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I joined Carol's Ten on Tuesday today too

I so enjoyed peeking in everyone else's purses I thought I'd play along. Here are 10 Things you find in my purse, or my Ameribag . I Love my Ameribag. I have never had duplicates of a purse, but now I have 3 Ameribags. I ADORE Them. THe sling over my shoulder and are roomy and pocket plenty....

*My wallet
*My green note pad. I take a lot of notes because I'm in the school of life..ha ha ..ha and i Forget details quickly.
*Lipstick in the cute little fabric case that was a nifty gifty this Christmas
*FLoss. I cannot go anywhere without my floss. I simply hyperventilate if I run out of floss. I am addicted to flossing. There are worse habits...c'mon
*Bepreve from my always running eyes.....I have allergies and my eyes run tears all the time if I don't use my trusty Bepreve.
*My Whiskas Cat treat cell phone cover and cell phone. ITs a dinosaur phone, and it is almost never ever on, trust me. If it is on, I usually don't hear it ringing. I just never got into the cell phone culture....drives most friends and family crazy, but truly I don't mean to.
*My knitting pen that is also a tape measure..one of you sent this magnificent thing to me, and IM ashamed I cannot recall who sent it. I LOVE it.
*My hair brush
*The magnetic key card to get me OUT of the work parking garage on MOnday mornings. I really don't need this. I would totally crash the gate to get home to my bed after working night shift...but I try to be civil and use it. I have to pay for it you know.
*Finally my Doctor visit summary from this very day. I had some chest pressure and jaw pain at work on saturday. it freaked me out . It freaked AL out. I had an ekg today....all's well. PHEW.

Thats my purse. Thanks Carole


Beverly said...

I've never heard of the Ameribag. Neat construction. I have so much stuff in my purse that I'd be ashamed to pull some of it out.

Chantelle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whiskas cat treat phone case. Did you make it yourself?

Katherine said...

Glad to hear that the EKG is AOK!! I confess I don't know what an Ameribag is but will look it up. I may need one and not know it.

Definitely dental floss--I'm a flossing fanitic. My purse is pretty much the same except that I never leave home without my Kindle.

Honoré said...

Fun bag and post...the tape measure is a neat thing. Glad that your tests came out A-OK! Whew! Bet your dentist loves you!

Kym said...

I carry floss with me all the time, too! (It's in my wallet; just a tiny little sample from my dentist.) Once you start flossing. . . well, there's just no ending it! :-)

SissySees said...

Love that color. Pretty! The green note pad is awesome too.

In contrast, I have a toothbrush at the bottom of my purse, but no floss. The Knight's cousin is my hygienist and she was ticked that even the dentist told me my not-daily flossing routine is serving me well. Or more precisely... my Sonicare brush covers a multitude of sins.

Lynneb said...

oh my gosh! the Whiskas cell phone cover! lovr it!

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