Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Word Wednesday

Hair: red

Yarn: unkind

Weather: Miserable

Pattern: Cables

Needles: Stiff

Plan: Bind-off

Mailbox: Yarn?

Dinner: OUT!


Grace said...

love the last one!!!

Katherine said...

Love the red hair!!! Also dislike Kroy sock yarn! Tomorrow is another day.

Allison said...

Nice hair, and great idea for a post!

SissySees said...

Love the hair. Will you be celebrating margarita day while you're out?

Anonymous said...

Pretty hair!

Awww --- why is the yarn being so hateful? Hope things get better.

kathy b said...

THe yarn is splitty and coarse...not a spring in its step.....I like when yarn has a bit of stretch...just a bit. This yarn has no give and the needles from Symphony are metal with no give.

its all give and no take! BUt I've finished them ......hooray. Heres to tomorrows post and another cast on.

Nancy said...

Chan has the right idea: I vote for Margarita Day!

kathy b said...

OKay, if i MUST>..I'll have a margarita!!!!

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