Friday, February 24, 2012

A Taste of Winter

When the snowflakes fell yesterday they were the amazing kind that makes the world look beautiful. Big huge soft flakes fell for awhile while Al and I were out shopping.

If you want a taste of knit success head over to MajorKnitters blog. Jennifer finished a sweater coat that can only be described as amazing.

If you want another taste of knit success head over to Grace's blog and see her latest shawl. How you ladies knit up these masterpieces, is really inspiring.

Al has cast on for a lace shrug that is going to be lovely. She was able to knit her lace shrug while we watched MOONSTRUCK yesterday. I don't know how to do this. Anything more than a few row repeat takes my full, 100% uninterrupted concentration to succeed.

I saw a Pine Street Inn blanket on someone's blog while I was surfing this week. It made me toy with the thought of 9 inch squares and a blanket. Over the course of the year, I could probably make one. Because color choices overwhelm me, I started thinking about a kit. Have you ever purchased a kit for a project? How did it go?


SissySees said...

I have a hat kit, a sock money kit and I'm sure at least one other kit in my stash. Hem.

Pretty snow. We have rain and temps were nearing 70 before it settled in.

sapphireblue said...

I have never used a kit, but there's some really nice ones on Knit Picks that I would love to purchase.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a Mr. Foster kit from KnitPicks, but I haven't started it yet.

I have checked out the yarn and it looks (and feels) really nice.

I love the picture of "tasting the snow". So CUTE!

Nancy said...

The only kits I have ever purchased were for quilts. I've learned that I have to be very accurate with measuring, cutting, and sewing because the kits don't include extra fabric.

I love the snow photos - beautiful!

Beverly said...

I've purchased several kits but have managed to only knit up two of them. I like kits where I can choose my own colors.

I've knitted one and started my second Hanne Falkenberg kit. They can be a bit pricey but I've enjoyed knitting both of them.

Dorothy said...

I have a kit for a Norwegian-style hat. The directions are great, but I ran out of black yarn to finish the hat!

I've also purchased a sweater kit from Knitpicks. I haven't gotten very far on the sweater, but I did like that I didn't have to make any significant color choices.

Katherine said...

The snow is beautiful! I'm jealous!

I tried a kit for a blanket and the problem I had was making each square the same size. Something happens from square to square that makes them look like ten different people knit them with 10 different gauges. Hopeless!!

kathy b said...


I fear the same thing might happen to me....

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