Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Simple Woman's Day......

What you are about to read is factual not fictional...
and names have been changed to protect the innocent....

*Outside my window.....Beatles is halfway in and halfway out the window. It is windy and nearly 60 degrees out.

I Am thinking..about how much I would prefer to take a nap over going to my late uncle's wake this afternoon. I know I am awful...but it is the truth....

I am thankful for fun knit friends who gather at Granpa's Place . These women are some of the most grounded people I know.

In the kitchenI hear Rosalyn heaving. She threw up into my shoe....thanks Rozzy....Cat vomit comes and goes around here.....more coming than going of late.

I am wearingjeans and a cotton sweater before I change for the wake.

I am goingto cast on a new shawl tonight. I haven't decided which one yet, but I am finishing my fourth pair of socks of 2012, and want to switch to a shawl.

I am reading the cyberpage of Nobleknits on Karen's recommendation. I like this site and will order from them. Thanks Karen.

I am hoping
Al finds an apartment she loves in Evanston.

I am looking forward toa fountain Coke late today.

I am hearingthe scanner go off in the kitchen..."Message received"

Around the housethere are few groceries. I have to get to the store tomorrow.

Plans for the rest of the weekinclude: Spay Nueter clinic in the early morning tomorrow, lots of knitting, lots of blog reading, and a few good naps.


Judy S. said...

Sixty degrees in Chicago in Feb.? Wow, now I'm not so worried about heading that way next week! It's only 39 here with off/on snow flurries all day. Go figure!

Katherine said...

What's up today? Macy just threw up on my jeans--the ones I'm wearing!

I've heard the weather in Chicago is much like the weather in Texas. Strange winter!

Go girl with the shawl knitting!!

SissySees said...

I'm about ready for bed. I have a wee one pressed up against my leg, and a DIVA slumbering on around the sectional. The Knight has duty, but should be home soon.

Sis almost threw up this afternoon. Much heaving while I was changing to go walk her, but... I'm grateful.

Grace said...

there are some beautiful easy shawls out there, hey I even wrote a few, KNIT THAT SHAWL Girl, I have faith in you!

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