Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My friends can KNIT

My friend Kathy C can knit! She nearly finished this lovely sweater and tried it on for us today. She followed a pattern and mixed up her yarns. She loves black. I apologize for the photos. They could be much better. Dear friend Karen did the finishing/sleeve set work, and she did an awesome job. To everyone of you with a sweater on the needles, I applaud you. Really I do.

For now I'm trying to knit a lace sock. I've frogged it once. I'm NOT giving up. I find I can work one 4 row repeat successfully without :
Talking to Fireman
Answering the phone
Looking up at the TV
Getting up from my seat.
Then, and I am serious, I pick up something else for a few rows, speak to Fireman, look at the tv and drink something. This may be the slowest lace sock every knit......but I will not give up. I have the UTMOST respect for you lace knitters....

I'm well on the way with the second Cascade sock and I do think I'll need to do the toes in a different color for certain. Phew, so glad I left the first sock stitches live. I may felt them too......

Al wants a NOOK for her birthday....any suggestions, thoughts, ideas for me about this? Is one the same as another? Do they need a cover, (hand knit by the mother??)



Dee said...

Don't give up! You'll get there!

Can't wait to see your sock.

Mujercita said...

That sweater is GORGEOUS. As for the sock, are you using a chart or written instructions?

As for the Nook: I have one of the first editions. It's kind of slow to turn on, but I've heard that they've resolved that with the Nook Simple Touch. Personally, I do not like the Nook Color- it's backlit (unlike the other ones), and I get a headache reading off of that for too long. If something happened to my current Nook and I were to buy a new one, I would buy a Nook Simple Touch.

Lynneb said...

Don't give up on that sock, Kathyb!
I am saving my money right now for a Nook tablet. I like the idea of having tech support right at the local Barnes and Noble.

Dorothy said...

Slow and steady wins the race - keep up the sock knitting!

I got a Nook for Christmas, and I love it! I bought a cover from B&N, and I think that's the way to go. It feels sturdier and more protective than something knit would be.

Nancy said...

Definitely get a cover for the Nook or at the very least a screen protector.

I don't do a lot of lacy things, but I, too, have great respect for those who do.

Katherine said...

I love Kathy C's sweater. I think I am going back to my lace edged sweater and finish. It has been on my mind!

I got the Kindle Fire for Christmas after having the original Kindle for three years. The family is getting tired of hearing me say, "I love my Kindle Fire!!" I did knit a cover for it but then bought one that stands up while I'm watching movies.

SissySees said...

Love my original Nook, but others swear by their Colors, tablets, etc. It's all in what she wants. Does she just want to read BOOKS? The original is fine. Does she want to read magazines or knitting books? Then at least Color...

After having read a lot on the plane on my iPad with the backlit screen, I do say that the original, not-backlit version is easier on the eyes, but she's young and is likely quite comfortable with backlit screens.

But yes. A good cover is a must. I have a HARD, hard-bound book-like cover on my Nook, so that it can be shoved in a handbag. I also have a booklight, so that I can read in the dark... like when I'm stuck in the chiefmobile on a fire scene.

Feel free to email me with questions!

sapphireblue said...

I like that my Kindle is not backlit since I work on computers all day. I got mine off of Craigslist used. It works great and I got it for a great price.

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