Friday, January 20, 2012


Leslie lives in my town and participated in the Dragon Swap. In my mail yesterday, on this gloomy January day was a Dragon Bag for my knit projects. Thanks Leslie......It is so neat. It will remind me of the swap and of you! I'll be showing you some swap finishes as the week goes on.
Even if you didn't' play I hope you'll enjoy seeing the yarn and goodies.

Do you watch CHOPPED? I was imagining a knitter's CHOPPED episode. Except we'd call it Frogged of course. Someone of Knit Stature, say Franklin Habit, would instruct 3 knitters to OPEN THEIR BASKETS.

Inside the baskets are 4 knit ingredients.....say:

Size 10 needles
A skein of sock yarn
An ugly button and
A WINE Glass

The clock is started.....what will you knit? Will you be chopped, er Frogged? Or will you win 10 thousand dollars?? GO ahead, what are you knitting?



Anonymous said...

A sling for the wineglass so I can continue knitting without putting down my wineglass.

SissySees said...

How long do I have to knit?! A removable wineglass charm?

Katherine said...

I would knit a side to side scarf, put the button in the middle and a button hole in one end. I would double it around my neck for a classy cowl, then pour wine in the glass and drink it. In my book there is only one thing to do with a wine glass!

SusanB-knits said...

My mind went blank upon seeing the wine glass. I'm with Katherine, pour wine in it!! lol.
But what to knit? and how long do we have to knit it?! I think with the size needles and yarn it would be a very drapey, lacey shawlette with an ugly button as an accent. :)

Grace said...

ahhhh you are expecting me to say shawl or scarf but I am going to knit a specialfeltable(those big needles) sack for the wine glass and its companion bottle of wine with a braided handle and button closure, I am also knitting a teeny tiny cover for the ugly button so no one knows what is under it!

Mereknits said...

My husband loves this show, they are soooooo serious aren't they? I would make a wine glass cozy and have the ugly button attached with i-cord around the bottom of the glass so everyone would know it was mine.
Happy Friday,

kathy b said...

Okay, well I'd drink the whole bottle of wine and use the sock yarn for a pillow. I'd put the needles on the floor for the cats to play with and the button too....
and I'd take a good long nap.

Lynneb said...

I love Chopped! Kathyb, you are too funny..."Frogged!" made me laugh out loud!

Hippy Chick said...

OMG, you are hilarious! I love it, Frogged! Yes! I'm sure I would be too intimidated to go on the show, but it's just the sort of thing to sit at home and watch incredulously as someone knits and knots their way through.

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