Thursday, January 19, 2012

The FIrst Pair of 2012 Socks

Knitted in Lorna's Laces colorway, from Santa Claus. They are going to fit someone who wears a size 8 shoe. I don't' know who that is yet.....But they will make great gift. I like the mock cable I knitted into the basic sock anatomy.

There is a little voice in my head saying....(Ha~ ! What did you think I was going to write....)
well, it is saying that the Feather and Fan Scarf that I ripped out, gave up on, and otherwise bailed on still wants to be knit. Just in another type of yarn. A big old type of yarn that won't trick my eyes like spiderweb yarn does. (oh the grammar in this post is atrocious) . So after I nap, I'm casting on another Feather and Fan scarf in some Noro Kochoran I found in the stash.....

Is there a little voice in your head today? What is it saying to you?

(Be nice to yourself.)


Katherine said...

Love the socks! Such pretty colors. I know what you mean about grammar in blogs because mine seems to get worse and worse. So much for the "write the way you speak" advice!

I'm happy you are going back to the feather and fan scarf. It has been in my mind since you mentioned it and I know I will be starting one soon.

Mereknits said...

Love the socks and I am a size 8!!!!! Just kidding. Great job on them, love the color and pattern. And love the picture of your cat sitting at the table.
Have a great day,

SissySees said...

Great socks!!

The voice inside my head wants to know why we can't have snow - in any real quantity - this winter.

sapphireblue said...

Those socks are so beautiful!

Nancy said...

Love the socks!

My voice is telling me to go for a walk when I pick up the mail.

Judy S. said...

Nice socks, Kathy! I love Lorna's Laces colorways. I did the same thing with some red lace wt.'s stashed away somewhere. My little voice is begging me to make some choc. chip cookies...perfect for this snowy evening. Stay warm.

Grace said...

Noro Kochoran---I saw that at Little Knits website yesterday---I need to get some!!

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