Monday, January 02, 2012

First Knit of the New Year

My first knit of the New Year surprised me: a baby beret from Woolly Wormhead's free patterns. I wanted to use up some stash and I have many pregnant friends having babies in 2012. I have cast on another already. I decided to do some very minimal color work to kick it up a notch.

My new Calendar for the New Year is from AL! It is called Nuns Having Fun. The images are great. I hope to laugh more in 2012, and this is a fun start.

Have you cast on something new for the New Year??? DO you have a calendar for 2012???


Grace said...

love the hat, need to knit for new grandbaby

I started a scarf and a shawl yesterday!

Happy New Year dear pretend friend!

Jennifer said...

That looks like a great calendar. Love the first FO of the year. It's adorable! Good luck laughing and having fun this year. I think that's a wonderful goal.

SusanB-knits said...

Love the hat! Baby hats knit up so quick.
I started two different socks yesterday (and plan on starting another pair)
I do have a calendar but it doesn't have the great pictures yours does, lol.

Hippy Chick said...

That looks like a hilarious calendar! Good choice. I need to buy a new calendar! All I have right now is a really lame one I printed out from Windows Calendar, just white spaces, boring.

I love the simple colorwork on the baby hat. It's so cute! I finished a set of potholders for my first knitting project of 2012. This is the year I want to learn to knit socks. So I need to go shop for yarn. I NEED to. :)

SissySees said...

How cute! I might need to knit that up too, just for the heck of it.

Alyssa said...

I went to a Catholic school growing up, and Nuns Having Fun was always in my locker! :P

Dorothy said...

Adorable hat!

My 2012 calendar is of Provence. But I was tempted by the one of outhouses!

Happy New Year!

Katherine said...

Darling hat, lucky baby who receives it! That looks like a fun calendar. I have my Jack Russell calendar and my Ronald Reagan calendar every year. Yes, I'm a sucker for JRTs and Ronnie!!

Nancy said...

It's fun to knit baby hats. I like the color design you added, as mine tend to be pretty boring.

The calendar would definitely make me laugh everyday. My calendars are mostly freebies from various organizations or businesses.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy -- I cast on the Pretty Thing cowl from the Yarn Harlot.

My calendar is just a simple grid printed off the business program on our computer AND the calendar on my phone. THAT, my dear, is a life saver!!!

Lynneb said...

Great calendar! I love it!
Happy New Year my friend.

Marguerite said...

I have a Proud Rooster calendar for 2012. Beautiful painted rooster pictures. The calendar is so lovely I don't want to write on the pages, so I have a second one to write on.

Laughing is good.

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