Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Yarn Socks

Lorna's laces sock is coming along. I'm doing a little pattern from the Two By Two Scarf I knitted.

K2tog but do not slip them off, insert the needle between the two sts and knit the first st again, P2
Repeat the first row
Next 2 rows: K2P2

Repeat these four rows.

Everyone in the swap has been matched and should have their partner's information.

I finished Making Rounds With Oscar, about the nursing home cat who only cuddled with patients when they were dying. It was as much about dementia as it was about Oscar. Honestly, I think I need some comic relief now......
any movie suggestions to rent????



SissySees said...

Cute socks!!

I can't read sad or even bittersweet. I'm a sap like that.

kathy b said...

Yesterday's yarn for my feather and fan shawl pictured: Filatura Di Crisa Fancy GioIello color 32

Karezybear said...

Comic relief? Rent bridesmaids. I watched it over the holidays and couldn't stop laughging. I will be adding it to my video library, it is one I will watch over and over:)

sapphireblue said...

Beautiful colors!!

Katherine said...

I haven't seen Bridesmaids 2 yet but if it is as good as the first it will be fun to watch!

Love the socks. I made that scarf but never thought about using the pattern for socks. Thanks!

Judy S. said...

Love that colorway, Kathy. I'm not sure I'd want that cat you've been reading about anywhere near me! BTW, that's a cute new photo of your kitties. Looks like Beatle is getting bigger? Thanks for your matching work!

Z of ZKNITZ said...


I've been wanting to make a pair for myself for the longest time. Never had the time. Other projects always seem to get in the way.

Yours look really nice. And warm.

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