Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday fun

Anything good in this book? We used to have a Borders Bookstore very nearby. I used to go and pa rouse the Knit books and Knit magazines. That store closed. Like many. So I havent' found another nearby bookstore to pa rouse. If I could pa rouse I'd look in this new knit book. Have you pa roused it???? I love the title.

Now, for something completely different. This worksheet is making the knitblog rounds. Here goes:

A: Age 51
B. Bedsize: Queen. Big enough for 3.......for now. Beatles naps with us.
C: chore that you hate: Grocery shopping. I hate the sad music or muuzack they play.
Why are they always playing Rainy Days and Mondays while I shop???? I run from that song.
D: Dogs: Huck is still with us.........we talk about him all the time.
E: Essential to start your day: coffee WITH creamer and email checks
F: Favorite color: blues baby all blues
G:Gold or Silver. Silver all the way
H: height: 5 foot 2, eyes of blue
I: instruments you play: None Nadda
J: Job title : Bedside Nurse.
K: Kids: the best . Al and Zach
L: Live: One day at a time
M: Mom's Name: Noreen
N: nicknames: kathy Boyeah, KB
O: Overnight hospital stays: 3 too many
P: Pet Peeves: Negative talkers
Q: Quote from a Movie: "Marriage is what brings us together today"
R: Right or left handed: right. But I feed babies with my left.....very unusual
S: Siblings: 5
T: Take-Out food: Chicago pizza
U: Underwear: comfort rules
V: Veggies you hate: Beets
W: What makes you run late: it would have to be a catastophe, I am on TIME
x: Xrays: all the time at work with a shield on, holding infants
Y: Yummy food: homemade cookies
Z: Zoo Animals: LIONS


Sue said...

I borrowed that book from the library and found nothing of any interest in it. Borrow, don't buy. Save the dollars for something better.

I love reading all those facts, but I never post them.

Allison said...

Love your movie quote!

Ria said...

I looked through that book... wasn't thrilled.

Alyssa said...

Eventually I'm going to get around to doing that meme myself! This is the third time I've seen it!

Katherine said...

Fun meme! I enjoyed getting inside info on my blogging buddy. Rainy Days and Mondays? Where do you shop? They were playing Beer Barrel Polka when I was shopping yesterday.

I gave up on knitting books long ago because I would read them through once and never touch them again. But as knitting books go, that one looks interesting!

Mereknits said...

I loved getting to know you a bit more. I have the book I ordered it from Amazon as I couldn't find it around my home. I have to say that I was not really happy with it. The patterns are not very exciting and the information is nothing new. Borrow it from someone to have alook at, but I wouldn't buy it.
Have a good day,

Lynn said...

I will be doing this one tomorrow. LOVE it!!!

H: coochie coochie coochie coo.
wonder how many ppl will get your reference???

Q: inconceivable!

Grace said...

I have the book It has a monster in it and the cutest sock story I ever read, in time I willmake several of the other projects in it!

Ria said...

That quote is from the Princess Bride. I bastardize it adding whatever word people around me use that annoy me.

Irisheyes Lynn said...

How can you feed babies with your left hand? I will have to observe you some day!

NatRed2 said...

The cover looks fun- Shame about Borders isn't it. That was one of my favorite stores. I could get lost there for hours.

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