Friday, September 30, 2011

Link Love


*Plain sock structure. Link to for the yarn.
It turned out the knit gods knew I needed to turn a heel yesterday. Sometimes when I am confronted with my own in adequacies, I feel so much better when I turn a heel.

*Do you love onion rings? shows us how to make fried or baked rings that
will be delish!

*On the cat theme going on here...Check out the Temple Cats hat by Suzanne Frary on website. Beautiful fair isle going on there....

*My feline friends are crazy for these treats: Purebits freeze dried chicken makes them come running. Better yet, there is no vomiting of these treats later....

*Lastly, the linkless thought. Since the price of coffee has soared and I didn't stock up,
I must go stock up on peanut butter. Word is, that price is going to soar next. Fireman and Al love peanut butter.

Any links you want to share? Happy Friday!!!! Happy Birthday Grace.


Meg said...

Hi Kathy! I came over from DRT. I am so glad you commented about your plan to comment on everyone's blog on Emily's blog so I could find you after you posted such a nice comment on my blog (the little worm in the apple). I have enjoyed your posts, esp the red for women video, as another commenter said, it made me laugh and cry. Your sock is lovely, nice fall colors! Have a great weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

The turning of a heel is magic! Pure magic!

Grace said...

I enjoy turning a heel and kitchnering a toe!!! Not crazy about insteps!

Thanks for the birthday wishes my dear pretend friend!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooo...I LOVE that yarn. So cute.

Judy S. said...

Nice work! And nice color, too. Thanks for the cat treats tip!

Katherine said...

Yes, it is sock knitting season! I started a pair today.

Thanks for the kitty treat link. I needed a giftie for DS & DIL's two kitties for Christmas.

Love onion rings. I will check out JoyTheBaker's.

Caroline said...

Hi Kathy, How nice to have a new person post on my blog. I've lurked on your page many times and always enjoy your posts.

I really, really haven't been to a baby shower for a long time either. Love the candy bar game although if you were going to be more visually accurate from my kids' diapers as I remember, a soup identity game would be necessary. Is it split pea? squash? I'm going to stop because I'm grossing myself out.

Bubblesknits said...

Heel turns are definitely amazing. :) Always makes me feel like I've done a bit of magic.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

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