Thursday, August 18, 2011

Underrated......synonym = Underprized

I prefer Under-prized. Here's a list of under-prized:

*Beautiful old cemeteries

*Knitted cotton dishcloths


*A good broom (no, not to ride on!)




*knit blogs

*70s afgans



Karen G said...

unexpected praise. :)

sapphireblue said...

I love old cemeteries. The big guady gothic tombstones are great. The new sleek cemetaries with identical headstones have no personality. That's why I will be cremated.

Grace said...

macaroni and cheese

writing letters on stationary

old fashioned Hospital--Quiet Zone signs

dry Manhattans

plain old buttered and salted popcorn

Katherine said...

*Fountain pens and real ink
*Short hair in the summer
*Yoga classes
*An unexpected kiss

SissySees said...

Fresh flowers

A sincere thank you

Women with strong opinions...

Alyssa said...

I'd like to add bats to the list! No one appreciates them.

And a good set of Spanx.

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