Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today's interview with Fireman

I was interviewing Fireman for the blog today and he was giving me sarcastic kind of answers.
For instance, I asked how many days a week I knit and he said, 'Geez that's a hard one, how about 8?'

WE went a few rounds and then I asked,
"do you like to buy me knit gifts" and he said, no!
He said it is too difficult AND it looks like nothing when he wraps it.

Well, then I had this awful idea. I'll volunteer to help your spouse, boyfriends, family when
they need to buy you a knit gift! Send them on over.

As far as it looking like a small thing, well geez diamonds are small too right? I love knit theme gifts. What's more fun than new yarn????


Katherine said...

Thanks for the offer but I think I need to maintain the status quo. DH and I have an agreement--I don't question how many times he plays golf and he doesn't ask how much yarn I buy. If he got involved in buying it as a gift we might upset the delicate balance and give him information about yarn that I don't really want him to have! You know how it is, what happens at the yarn store stays at the yarn store. Haha!!

Allison said...

NOTHING is better than new yarn! Happy Friday ;)

kathy b said...


Ahhh your agreement sounds perfect to me...dont change a thing! However, if your kids want help....send them to me! I dare Say I know you well enough to suggest!

SissySees said...

Hahahaha... Typical firefighter. I have a sarcastic Chief snot over here too...

SusanB-knits said...

?? he has a problem with buying yarny gifts?? I make a list for DH and I usually get a couple things off the list and then something he surprises me with that is non-knitting related. He's a great supporter of my habit, lol.

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