Tuesday, August 09, 2011

51 things before 51

Let me start by saying, I didn't get anywhere near completing my list. That said, I did get some of the things done. I love making lists. I love the solidity it gives my goals. So when others were creating their lists, I imagined mine. I won't bore you with it all. Here are some of the things I did before (my birthday is coming up Sunday, I have some time left) my 51st.

* Make ONE list
*Highway drive TWICE
(alright I only did it once, to Donna Booshay's house. But it counts as twice because it was so far....and I had to face my truck fears) Yes I am the lady in the slow lane driving you all nuts!
*Kayak 3 times. More than thrice.....loving it mostly
*Drop 4 lucky quarters....(this was so fun. I highly recommend it. I left them on the bench outside our Dairy Bar ice cream store)
*Raise 6 kittens. (the list is supposed to be fun too!)
*Bike for 9 miles ( indoors counts......right?)
*Write 11 prayers (this I cheated on too. Geez Im cheating on prayer.....that must be a sin)
I turned a private blog into a prayer for help, so I am counting the posts as prayers. More like beseeching than praying!
*Research 14 stocks. ( I only researched 3 of them. Now the market is NO place for me...but I thought buying into McDonalds would be fun...some day...)
*Watch 20 minutes of C span. Sorry. It is a chore for me to watch c span...but I did it
*Read 28 comics. (I love them. I should read them more. Humor moves me.......)
*Drink 32 oz of V-8 juice. OKay I only drank 8 oz, and then wanted to throw up. It is the oddest stuff. I thought I could swap a vegetable and fruit for the drink.....nope. I'll go back to real chewing thanks..)
*Walk up 39 steps. Yup. Did this in Door county on a big old steep hill. I think I wrenched my left knee doing this THING.

There is time left. I can still
walk 8 miles
donate 15 things
Buy 17 lollipops
Plan Zachs 21st birthday
Write 50 tips for Ravelry.

do you have any quick ideas for me before Sunday? I need all the numbers I left out to succeed. (like 40 through 50 things....) Does eat 50 potato chips count? I think it should...



Alyssa said...

How about....
- Make one Internet friend a real-life friend. (Since you DID do that)
- Try two recipies you've never done before.
- Use one bottle of bubble liquid up (by blowing bubbles :) )
- Give one knitted item to someone you barely know.

SissySees said...

Happy almost birthday! What a cool list. And the prayer thing totally counts; prayer is both private and communal.

I can't stand V-8 either, so how 'bout eating 5 servings of produce in a given day?

kathy b said...


Great ideas.. I have to use up the numbers that I didnt use up yet..mostly the high numbers.. if only I could give 49 knitted items to someones I barely know!

kathy b said...


Well Your ON! IM trying for 5 tomorrow@!

Donna Boucher said...

How about cast on 48 stitches :o)

Kim said...

Hey --- I'm 51, too! I was just pleased to make it through the day without a coronary incident of any kind.

Grace said...

Go on Ravelry and give out 48 hearts(or whatever number pleases you)
Plan X # of Christmas gifts

Find ______many grey hairs (even on Fireman)

Count the # of candies in a bag of m ^& Ms and eat them

Find and make a recipe with -------ingredients

Do ---------------sit ups

that is just a few ideas for you!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Select 10 yarns you would never use (LOL... and give them away to your pretend friends ;-) )

Give at least 7 little ones at your work a hug from us. (blow kisses count too)

Make a list with at least 12 yarns you would like to try in the coming year

Katherine said...

Drink 50 ounces of wine but, spread it out over a week so you don't become unable to make lists or do anything else!

Catch 40 fireflies (if you still have them around).

BTW: Prayer blogging does count!

fancystitching said...

Hi Kathy. I just found your blog after the comment you left on mine. I LOVE your fun list of things to do. Seems we have a lot in common... knitting, fishing, kayaking. Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm off to "follow" yours.

Kathryn said...

Make 40 new Christmas cookies. They can all be one recipe, but the recipe has to be new and you have to make 40. Yay!

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