Monday, July 11, 2011

Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea is a sweet as she looks. All of the 6 Pippa kittens continue to thrive and be adored.

Knit Notes:

*We are storming again here in Chicago land... the power went out so briefly this morning.....just enough to scare the bee jeebers out of me.. I dont want to lose power again for 3 days. Just not today please. IT is horridly hot and humid out. Ahhh, but things could be so much worse...I was pretty darn Amish for a few days last month
You'd think I would have stocked up on candles and batteries...but no. Too busy having fun in the summer sun to be responsible.

*So what did I do on my rare weekend off?
WEll I must have said I appreciated it about a thousand times all weekend. I would sigh and say, "ahhhhhh, I dont have to go to work today.....ahhhhh, I don't have to presleep."
For those of you in the 9-5 world, presleeping is of course, just like preheating an oven.
You presleep to get ready to work through the night. I'm a big Saturday afternoon pre sleeper.

*I had oodles of porch time. Loved every second of it. Despite the fact that not one hummingbird has come to my feeder or trumpet flowers, I kept a watchful eye. The bats did come in Friday night.

*We had a short campfire Friday night. Ahhh woodsmoke, just love the smell of it. Like camping but you have a bathroom within sprinting distance.....

*Went to the Farmers market and bought my favorite things. Saw a golden retriever puppy, 7 weeks of adorable age. Chloe....sigh. Huck is every where and no where these days.

*I started some socks with the gorgeous Wool that Katherine send me a few weeks back. It is
a bit springy......They are anklets.......

*I picked my neighbors rasberries and invitation while they are vacationing of course. THen I told Fireman they;d be great over Vanilla Ice Cream....
just b/c I was on vacation of course....OMG. Is there a better dessert than fresh picked berries and hard pack ice cream from Oberweiss? Oh and we ate it on the porch while it was
steamy and breezeless last night.

* I napped each day. Delicious naps....

* I played with 6 crazy adorable kittens. Anyone want a wonderful pair of kittens that are loving and sweet and nothing like their mom???? Let me know.


Nancy said...

Sweet Tea is adorable. Scratch her between and behind the ears for me. My cats loved that.

Your weekend sounds perfect and relaxing - just what you needed.

Write batteries and candles on your shopping list and grab them the next time you are out.

Katherine said...

Her eyes are the same color as her fur--so sweet! Glad you had a relaxing weekend. Nothing beats napping off and on! I did the same while finishing a book. Heaven!

SissySees said...

Yay! What a great weekend.

The Knight and I are both allergic to cats, so it's fun to enjoy yours via the blog.

sapphireblue said...

Awww! Those eyes are so sweet! I completely understand pre-sleeping. I worked midnight shift for many years and do still on occassion. Gotta get that pre-sleep before the first night of midnight shift.

Anonymous said...

How sweet is that little kitty!

Glad you had such a wonderful weekend.

Beverly said...

Cute kittie. Too bad I'm allergic to cats.

You had the perfect weekend. I'm glad it was so enjoyable. I joined with the naps.

Judy S. said...

What a sweet kitty! And how lucky she is to have you caring for her and her siblings! Heard about your a.m. storm~I think DD lost power on Sylvan Lake as well. There's nothing quite like a rip-snorting Midwest thunderstorm. Love your pink suede shawl; I've seen a cool purse in this yarn as well.

Grace said...

I just adore Sweet Tea---if Tom wasn't allergic I could be a cat lady!

I always told him if anything ever happens to him first I am replacing him with a cat--probably a Burmese.

Grace said...

I meant Persian!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Sweet Tea = Sweetie ;-)

DrChopSuey said...

Sweet Tea is so adorable!! And what a lovely weekend - I'm jeal!

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