Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home again Home again Jiggety Jig

Home. I love to come home. Every single vacation. I love to come home.

Loved this dog enjoying the windows rolled we drove by the owner did pull him in!

Nearly finished with Fast Florida Footies

Off to the workend. What is your COOLEST Tip for the heat that is headed so many of our ways

Heat expected. Heat brings babies...all the time.....we will be busy..

Oh, and the kittens are amazing and growing and wonderful. Beatles persists!


Jennifer said...

I agree wholeheartedly - the best part of vacation is coming home -- and sleeping in your own bed! I love that heat brings on babies. You would know of course! Welcome home. Hope you had a great time.

Nancy said...

What on earth did everyone do before AC?

SissySees said...

Sports drinks to ward of dehydration and ceiling fans...

Glad you had a great vacation!

Katherine said...

It's good to be home!! That dog is so funny. Max would do that but not Macy. She is a sit in front of the air conditioning vent type of dog.

Tips from hot HOT Texas--stay inside, turn the AC down low, turn on all the fans and knit!

Lynneb said...

Well, my solution for 90 degree weather is to go the beach on Lake Michigan...give a wave across the lake to me this week, kathyb...i'm right across, waving back!

Judy S. said...

Sounds like a fun vacation! we are headed your way soon and will undoubtedly roast as our summer has been unbelievably chilly. So strange.... Love your kitty photos.

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