Monday, June 20, 2011

Wisp pattern with Ella Rae yarn...and kitten updates

The color of this Ella Rae extra fine merino is like delicious water....The color is 106.
I call it British Virgin Islands Color. Fireman and I honeymooned a loooooong time ago at Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda. This yarn is the colors of tropical waters. The Wisp patterni is a ravelry Freebie. I am leaving out the eyelets holes on the sides of the stole/scarf from the original pattern.

I am a wimp. I'd have to do something every 5th row in adddition to my 9 and 6 row repeats...
maybe next time. Now that I see the progression of the pattern I think I could have eyelets too, but I am oh so fine without them now.

What follows is the Pippa kittens update:

Surprise. Looks like we have 5 boys and a girl.
Big Ben is not a boy....time to rename her!
Even Little Beatrice is a boy....time to rename him.
Tea and Crumpet are both boys, and their names can stick.
Picadilly is a boy and that can stick.
Eugenie is a boy as well.....

So, any one want to throw some boy names out there with a British twist?


sapphireblue said...

I'm thinking of the name Agatha. She wrote good British lit. Henry, British Kings.

Alyssa said...

Oliver! Oliver! Hehe that was just the first one to pop in my head. What about some place names? Edinbourough, Lancaster, Gloucester, and Stratford could be a boys names, maybe Stanford? Harvard? Okay now we're moving into a whole new category here.

Karen said...

Clive and Neville are quite British.
Your yarn is lovely. I really enjoy Ella Rae yarns. Have you tried the Ella Rae Lace Merino? It's wonderful.

Nancy said...

I love your scarf/shawl, and the color is perfect for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hamlet? Romeo? Beckett?

The kitty is the picture sure looks doleful.

Grace said...

You enabler you--now I want to make a WISP too!!!


kathy b said...

ahhh Grace

it is way to simple a pattern for you. You would knit it in your sleep my friend.

Scrabblequeen said...

Love the Wisp! I'm a big fan of Ian for a boy, and can't Eugenie just become Eugene? Edmund is also a good Brit name...but I'm of a more Celtic Liam, Paddy, Donny....:-)

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