Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I don't recommend the watermelons yet........
I tasted some recently and it just wasn't right yet....

What I will recommend to knit by, are some movies I've watched of late.
All documentaries, my friends, my favorite kind.

Waiting For Superman is a insightful look at America's school systems.
Anyone with a child in school might learn from it. Anyone who votes might
appreciate the information too. A bit sad, but I do believe we have to
acknowledge problems exist before we can successfully fix them.
Funny how every politician in America puts education on their agenda
and a movie comes along like this and points out how serious our troubles are.
If half the poliiticians worked half as hard as they say they will on education
things would be better. I do believe family invovlement is key to education
success but the System could do much better as well.

Dad's in Heaven With Nixon is a fascinating story of a family.
I was spellbound by it's simplicity and honesty. The family
faces mental illness and autism through generations. It is
uplifting overall, and a great little movie. I watched it on hulu.

First Saturday in May is a great documentary about the Kentucky Derby
and trainers of the horses who run. The film follows several trainers in
the 2006 season (BARBARO'S SEASON). I love horses, so the movie was
a natural for me. It is more about the people than the animals, but
entertaining nonetheless.

I want to see BUCK, about a horse whisperer. I also want to see
the HBO special on Barbaro's attempt at recovery.

Have you seen any documentaries you can recommend for me?
Happy knitting.


Beverly said...

We had a good one this week. They are every where in South Carolina.

Interesting movies. Don't know if I'll watch them but they do pique my interest,

KSD said...

"Man on Wire" --- astonishing.
"Still Bill" --- soulfull.
"Autism: The Musical" --- heart.

SissySees said...

Can't say I've watched many documentaries, but I'll totally second the watermelon motion. Not quite right just yet...

Scrabblequeen said...

Not exactly documentaries, but I recommend Temple Grandin, Invictus, and The King's Speech, which are all movies based on/telling a true story. Also, Gifted Hands; The Ben Carson Story, Freedom Writers, and The Devil's Arithmatic. So many good shows to see!

Katherine said...

All of you have been watching much more thought provoking movies than I have! My knitting movie last weekend was Beverly Hills Chihuahua II. We also watched The Last Castle with Robert Redford and James Gandolfini and it was fantastic! I had not seen it before and can't imagine why. As for documentaries--only whatever is on the History Channel.

Lucette said...

I'm planning to watch the King's Speech tonight, but it might throw off my knitting. And I have been watch a history of Britain--reviting and well done. bit of a british binge right now.

Olivia said...

Karen really liked The Cove, a documentary about dolphins. It was supposed to be really sad though so I didn't see it. I'm on a Planet Earth kick right now so I can't say I've watched too many other documentaries. I also always wanted to watch Young at Heart, a documentary about a rock band at a nursing home. And if you haven't watched the "This American Life" TV series it is amazing! (I think all of these are on instant Netflix and I am working every night from Sunday until Thursday so go crazy with my account!)

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