Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Green Suede Shawlette

All I had to do was touch Carol's suede shawl last week and I knew what I was finally going to do with the green suede in my stash.....The pattern is a modified Reclamation scarf. When Pam left a comment on the contest blog about Reclamation scarves, I was intrigued. After a few moments I realized it is basically what I am knitting anyhow. So basically, this means I invented the same pattern as someone else without knowing what I was making up.

You'd think that would give my confidence a big boost. Well, hee hee. It did. I thought, well, finally I am doing something that could have been a real pattern, because it ALREADY is! Validation....a great thing. My knitting confidence is never high, folks.

I absolutely depend on a perfectly written pattern or I am paralyzed and give up. This really narrows one's knit ups.

So soft suede shawlette it is. If I recall, Katherine you sent me this yarn in a acrylic or nothing swap way back. I love how soft it is. I know many people have not liked this yarn, but in this circumstance it is perfect.

You only have a few hours left before it is June 2 and I announce the little shawl pin winner.
I have so many great summer recipes, reads and knit ideas from you all. Just in time...the summer bats are back at is really summer in my yarn garden.



Anonymous said...

That is really COOL yarn!

Delusional Knitter said...

Very cool, love the color too!

Beverly said...

I've never used suede but I love the color you are using. Sometimes garter stitch is the best thing ever.

Allison said...

That yarn looks amazing in garter stitch. I bit it is really soft!

Grace said...

looks like a very pretty shawl in the making!

Channon said...

Looks fab! Is it as squooshy as it looks?

Ling said...

It looks really comfy and soft. Have fun knitting it!

Katherine said...

Yes, I did send that yarn. I never knew what to do with it so I'm excited to see your shawl and find out how it blocks and wears. Thanks so much! I love it when stash yarn decides what it is going to be!

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