Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Favorite movie line....

One of my favorite lines in one of my favorite movies, is spoken when the evil Baronness tells the handsome Capt. Von Trapp, that somewhere out there, there's a young lady
who will never...be a nun.

Well, here is a start that will never be a shawl....
Al started this shawl a few years ago. She got mad at it.. It has been stuffed in the bottom
of a large hawaiin print bag in my closet.

I had this dream that I was knitting lace the other night. I really was reading a chart and
knitting something very much like the shown shawl. (say that ten times fast, shown shawl, shown shawl...I can barely type it right)

I woke up laughing at myself Me? Knit Lace again? I have succeeded only twice in my knit life.
Once I knit a pair of lace socks for Al. Once I knit a lovely lace pink scarf for our friend Gee.
Then I gave up.

So something in my subconscious was telling me LACE LACE LACE. Perhaps the heft of my sister's blanket was actually the culprit. So I found that shawl Al doesn't want anymore. I ripped it out ....
I'm knitting a lace scarf.... the Skydive Scarf by Cabin Fever. Pattern from dear pretend friend Katherine who used to post more often.. ahemm....and I loved her posts.

I'll show you soon. When I knit more than 10 rows and don't make a mistake. I
hope that is ..sometime soon.

(Do you have another line from a movie that you love?
I have one more.
humor me please.
I stick my head out our back room window onto the screened porch and say " Heard the little
girl got a bump on her head....." I am compulsive about doing this.....about once a month. I have to...
do you know who says that line in a favorite movie of mine???)



Anonymous said...

Maybe, "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore" from Network.

But, that may just be THIS week. LOL

The shawl certainly is a pretty color.

Guinifer said...

Isn't that one of the guys in the Wizard of Oz? Tin Man or Scarecrow? I don't remember their names as farmhands...

kathy b said...

Gunifer...you are close. the line about the bump on the head is the wizard himself from the wizard of oz. When he is the fortune teller.....in black and white.

Katherine said...

I know! I've been a bad girl--I've had a blog written for a week and can't get time to take pictures and post it (trying to get ready for our trip).

I'll bet you could finish that shawl but the scarf will be a good lace project too!

We are always quoting the line "I think we're going to need a bigger boat. Really it was, "You need a bigger boat" but close enough.

Beverly said...

You responded too soon. It didn't give anyone else a chance to guess the answer.

Lace sometimes takes time and patience. I love knitting it even though I don't do it often enough.

Delusional Knitter said...

"Moo Shu? You hungry?" - Jackie Chan in Rush Hour - we say that to each other all the time is one is standing in the kitchen looking confused or trying to decide on food.

Love that yarn, its beautiful

Heide said...

I knew that bump on the head line! I, for one, think that your exiled, embryonic shawl looks loverly. I hope you didn't frog it.

"You dense, irritating, miniature beast of burden!" Not you, it's a favorite movie quote.

SissySees said...

All-time favorite? From Sweet Home Alabama. "Whatcho wanna' marry me for"

...so I can kiss you anytime I want.

sapphireblue said...

Yeah, me and lace don't get along.

kathy b said...

SISSYSEES...that is the cutest line of a movie EVER. I love it. So glad youshared. DO you like the new country song: ARE YOU GONNA KISS ME OR NOT?

Lynneb said...

Two of my favorite movies ever...have both Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz...could practically recite the whole movies!

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