Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keep it Simple

*Rosalyn and UFO Sister Blanket
*Back Porch Open
*First mosquito bite
*Garden planted
*Radar on my lap!
*summer backpack: Jc Penney
*Pedometer: fell off, lost...
* :send a hug


Nancy said...

Any mosquito here would need a wool sweater this week.

Potted plants will be living in my garage until the threat of snow and frost is only a memory. I'm thinking that will be July.

Grace said...

sent my sympathies to M---sounds a lot like what they want to do to the tooth that abscessed on me but its not happening!

Channon said...

Blogger didn't want to let me comment at first. Hrmph.

Wearing capri pants again after a week of long pants. A touch chilly, but I'm going to pretend it is spring!!

Marguerite said...

Thanks for the mention. It all went well. I'm swollen and bruised as promised but the after pain is only Tylenol strenght - much better than the pain I was having before the surgery.

Kim said...

I cannot wait to get to your blog each day on my blogroll. You say the wicked-coolest things. Thank you!

Katherineh said...

Simple and to the point! I've always thought pedometers ruin an otherwise pleasant walk (or run). Thanks for the link to Marguerite. I sent her good wishes and downloaded the pattern for her current sweater.

kathy b said...


Thanks for the great compliments. YOU guys make my day! Seriously. THANKS...cyberspace hugs all around.

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