Monday, May 23, 2011

Behind those Bloody Mary's

Kathy and Karen are behind those Bloody Mary's. What a day. What fun friends. What a knit together. Kathy is working on a dishcloth that is a basketweave pattern. She about finished it today while we laughed together. Karen is knitting an incredible sweater for herself. She's hiding behind it. I'll be showing you more friends and their needleworks tomorrow.

I brought my sister's blanket. It is getting to be nearly too big to lug around.
So in the interest of diversity, and wrist health, I cast on...
a pair of socks today.
I know. I haven't completed (Or cast on ) a pair of socks this year at all. It is nearly June.
I tried to tell myself that the Koigu I bought in Minnesota should be a cowl or another
TOAST pair of fingerless..
Sock Spirit
is lurking.
Somehow I've cast on. I plan to knit two socks side by side ....I don't do the magic
circle or whatever it is called. I have enough trouble with lines, let alone circles.
So, 8 double points, and two Koigu skeins, should yield a pair of socks. Side by side.
hold me to it.


Anonymous said...

Consider this holding your needles to the fire --- go socks, go socks, go SOCKS!

Estella said...

Now that's the way to knit - outside and with a bloody mary!

You asked about "potato chip" knitting - no, I didn't coin that phrase. Got it from the Knitmore Girls. It is a good description of addictive knitting.

Anonymous said...

Fun!! Two gals in my former knitting guild do that... they just always pick up the shorter sock and knit on, still finishing up at about the same time.

Katherine said...

Bless you! I've never been able to knit two socks at one time. One of them always ends up slightly wonky.

Kim said...

I would hold you to it, but double-pointeds and I are sworn enemies, and the thought of you wrestling with 8 of those suckers. . .

I need to lie down.

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