Friday, April 08, 2011

Pompom Bear Hat and Bracelets for Japan

I had some malabrigo from a friendly yarn swap a few years back. Katherine, I think you sent me the malabrigo that I knitted up into the baby hat. Pompom Bear hat is from BABY BEANIES Book by Amanda Keeys. Super simple knit, but it hurt my wrists......

Karen and Carol, here in town, are making lovely beaded bracelets and donating the proceeds to Japan's relief fund. They are asking for a 15 dollar donation. I asked for all blue beads, but they have many others if you wish. Email Karen at her blog: if you wish to order one. I asked for the cross bead in the center of mine, but there are other options.

Here's a little Friday link love for you!
awesome knit blog with cute patterns

Damson Simple Shawl Pattern
It is made to drape around your shoulders. I must knit this.
The TOAST pattern came from this great site
I am smitten with her garden advice and great images.
Some of my girlfriends sing jazz vocals here.

You'll have to google the Wes Williams Band
We heard them in Scottsdale and they rock!


Nancy said...

Cute hat and perfect for snow country!

sapphireblue said...

Love the pompoms

Beth said...

Beautiful bracelet!

Katherine said...

The Dansom Shawl is delightful to knit! I wear mine in the office all the time. Love the bracelet!

The Malabrigo looks so pretty as a baby hat. Any baby would be so cute in it.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

The bracelets are just lovely. I hope your freind does well with the donations that she will receive. What a great idea!

Channon said...

What a pretty bracelet!

Sorry the knit hurt. That's no fun at all.

Thanks for the link love!

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