Saturday, April 02, 2011

my internet is down....argh. blog withdrawal


I haven't quite started the shakes yet....
Hope my computer is better asap.
No time to fix it today with work

Knit News:
Starting a darling baby hat.
In Malabrigo

Finished Zach's tie. My goodness Ties are long! Can't wait to show it to you all when computer is better

Im a writing through another computer that is not at my home so I cannot load an image.

Have a great weekend. The Eskimmi topic was about how to find time to knit. Let's just say I try to find time to not knit...
Knitting comes first....often
It is my sanity what can I say?
I am most productive in the evenings when Watching TV with Fireman.
How about YOU?


Judy S. said...

Hope your computer recovers soon as I'm anxious to see the baby hat as well as the tie. Did I ever ask you where in Chicago you live? We were just there last week (near Mundelein) and are beginning to thaw out. (We missed your good weather and ours. Oh well.)

Katherine said...

TV and car knitting are my most frequent but I also knit in the office. It is off and on during this time of year but still a must to relax the mad accountant!!

Anonymous said...

Coffee time, tv time, while waiting for the laundry --- anytime can be knitting time.

sapphireblue said...

I like to watch a movie and knit.

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