Monday, April 25, 2011

Dedicate Your Blog Today

When I started knitting I never imagined I'd start blogging. I have to thank blogger for making it so easy for me to start blogging. This easy, at your fingertip, medium was simply unimaginable when I was growing up. The only people who spoke to the masses were syndicated columnists.

I have to thank Irisheyes Lynn for introducing me to knit blogs. I started with Yarn Harlot. I just revisited her blog and have added her to my daily reads again. Yarn Harlots easy voice reached through the computer and made me laugh more often than anything else.

I was a writing major in college before I went to nursing school. Being able to blog is as easy as walking to me. I love to post, I love the comments, I love to read other's blogs.
So I have to thank all of my pretend friends, as Fireman coined y'all a few years back. If no one read this blog I would have a lot of trouble getting a giddy as I do over it. !

I have thank a few really key people who turned me to knitting and back to knitting again.
Fellow nurse Debbie V. came over one afternoon when my kids were bigger and patiently taught me to use two needles with my hands. It was no small task for this crocheter.
After 9.11 I couldnt sleep. My neighbor Abby, asked if I knew how to knit. She suggested I keep my needles at the bedside for sleepless nights. I came back to knitting after 9.11 because of her suggestion.

I'd be remiss if I didnt thank Jan my knitter teacher, who, at the turn of this century opened my knit world to socks. Need I say more? The turning of the heel coming of age is due to Jan. She was joyful in her teaching. I loved every lesson. I miss you Jan. Somewhere out in California you are.....

I have to dedicate this blog to my children who are knitters. Al learned to knit from Jan as well. Jan taught her with ease and declared Al a Natural knitter after our first lesson. Al's love of knitting got her through some lonely days in high school where she took her knitting along. She was known as the weird girl who knits in class. Not one teacher asked her to put her knitting away. She's a brilliant mind and could focus, participate and ruin the class curve all at once while knitting. I have to thank each teacher for letting her be. Letting her knit.

I adore the fact that Zach CAN knit. He knit his old girlfriend a scarf for Christmas one year. He nearly mastered a hat. He appreciates my knitting. He makes me a better knitter. When he wants a knit gift he is very very specific. I have reknit his gifts many times to his particularities. He rarely knits now, but I love him for trying and for learning to knit. I know he'll go back and forth to it in his life!

Finally, I'll thank Fireman. He never ever complains about my knitting or bloggging. He eagerly eats any chocolates that arrive in swap boxes. He lets me knit in public. He knows it calms me down in crowds. He loves to drive and I get to knit on road trips! He has given up and accepted yarn bags, patterns, yarn and swap boxes that grace a growing section of our family room

I dedicate this blog to you all. Blogging and knitting are more than my hobbies, they are my loves!



Channon said...

Oh shoot!! I forgot. I'll try to squeeze in another post from home tonight, but I have a Birkman test to do...

Dee said...

Responding to your question about "A Swell" sock yarn:

I don't know how it will do in the washing machine. It does NOT have nylon in it, so I will probably wash it on delicate with cold water or hand wash.

It is knitting up nicely. In places it seems a bit overspun, but that should help keep it firm.

sapphireblue said...

Aww! That's so sweet!

Katherine said...

Great dedications!! The people who led us to knit are so important in our lives. I remember my Mom's friend Stella with great admiration and thanks. She taught me a way of life.

Beaucoup praise to Fireman for eating all that chocolate!!

Kate B said...

Nice post! My fireman drives on the road trips while I knit too! Of course, part of that is because I provide handknit gifts anytime one of the guys in the firehouse has a new baby. And they've been like rabbits in the last year.

sockknitter1215 said...

I love that you dedicated your blog to those who taught/retaught you to knit! I'll have to think about doing that next year. Very nice blog. I'll have to put YOU on my "must-read" list!

Gnat said...

Great post!! :) I wish I had seen it earlier!

Lynneb said...

I am SO thankful for your blog, kathyb. while I never seem to comment as much as I should, I can always count on your commentary to give me a good chuckle. i appreciate always that you let me know whats on your mind and continue to read and comment on my blog.

Yarn Miracle said...

Marvelous! Here's to your knitting kids! Here's to knitting!

And here's to Fireman, I'll put in extra chocolate next time.

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