Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are you BAR?

Okay let's play a little this morning. My sister taught me the acronym BAR. Do you know what it means?????? Have a go, give a guess. B.A.R.
I'd tell you but, WAIT WAIT DONT TELL ME is a favorite show of mine. I got the bag for a small donation to the radio station.

I love the cat motif I found on line recently. ON Ravelry. I plan to knit some fingerless TOAST with the cat on them. All things Kitty these days.

so are you BAR this morning????


Grace said...

Bright Alert Responsive

Better ALL Ready

Browning Automatic Rifle

so many more but I think its the first one!

Anonymous said...

Beyond all reason?

Katherine said...

The ex-military wife in me says Browning Automatic Rifle but that can't be right. I like Grace's "better all ready" best!

Love the cat chart. Would be easy to do in Fair Isle or Intarsia and so cute!

Channon said...

Beyond all repair?

sapphireblue said...

I've heard of FUBAR. Flubbed up beyond all repair.

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