Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Melt your heart Carter

Carter is all melt your heart these days! Noah is too, but both have eye infections going on and Noah is less than perfect for a picture. She's going to hate me when she grows up if I show an image of her today! Kids......you know how they are!

I have given my eye worries about the kittens to the worry dolls on the barette I bought in AZ. I also GIve my worries to St. Francis, and so they will be fine.

Today's Eskimmi thought for bloggers during blog week has to do with reflecting on how you ve grown during the last knit year.
Well, I will play the pity card and say that much of the last year was difficult personally with health issues. THat said, I stuck to mostly basic socks and fingerless gloves for my knitting.

I cannot say my knit skills grew very much. I did however, create and run the Swap which was hugely fun. I also wrote the article for Ravelry which has been read by over 5,000 now.
These two accomplishments came oh so easy to me.
New KNit skills are much more difficult for me. Here's to that reverse shaping I'm going to master this year!

wishing you all whiskers on kittens ....and a favorite things kind of day


Katherine said...

I know you will master your reverse shaping skills this year. I feel like I'm going backward in the knitting skills--I can't seem to wrap my mind around things right now. When there is a lot going on in our lives I think it is enough to just knit (at least I hope so because that's all I'm doing right now).

Channon said...

Precious photo. And wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same? Celebrate your strengths and embrace your weaknesses!

sapphireblue said...

What a cute kittie.

Karezybear said...

I Love the worry dolls, I just recently learned about them. Maybe I should make a few and try them out;)

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww...hope the kitties are feeling better soon.

Yarn Miracle said...

No shame in socks! Just think about how mystifying they were before you learned to turn a heel!

(PS My captcha is "enwooten" I think that means to give someone something that makes them say "woot!")

Chantelle said...

How adorable!!

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