Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Green Team update: Karen start watching your mail!

Nancy from Wyoming played Take and Replace........she's mailing the box out to the green team's Karen today! I'll show you Nancy's takes tomorrow. The bunny and the yarn are not part of the game....just there for eye candy today!

The knitted bunny handmade is another soft......

The other image is the Moosemanor Handpaint in Deep Blue Sea. I know I have blogged about it already, but this picture shows the true colors! I am thinking of knitting a Stephen West
shawl with the yarn. It has over 400 yards to it, and did I already mention how wonderful Betty was? A true pleasure to deal with. . I had the yarn in no time.

I didnt' sleep walk or sleep knit last night......I can tell by where I left off in my knitting......Did you?


Beth said...

I love the colors of that yarn.
Go green team!

Grace said...

no not at all, and I am not making much progress today---real life is getting in the way--just taking a lunch break, the yarn is fabulous but I love love love the wabbit, where do we get her?

Katherine said...

What a precious bunny!! I took one look and I had to go hunt down a puppy to hug. Had to get a little fur therapy.

If I had done any sleepknitting last night my sweater might be closer to finished. It seems to go on and on!

kathy b said...


I only know that the maker of the handmade bunnies and knitted cats is Natasha Fadeeva. She has a website that is tinfrog blog. I can't seem to find info on that site about the patterns or purchasing her handmades.......I just love her soft work.

Acornbud said...

That is a cute bunny!

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