Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dorothy's Takes .....Get Ready Ann the box is going to you tomorrow

This is Dorothy's Haul from the Green team. I guess there is a spinner in the making. HOW FUN. Ann, get ready you are next in line on the Green team! Then.....dare I say it, the box comes back home to ME! I am very excited about both boxes finding their way back home to me!

I want to give a shout out to blog. (Of Autumn Tea Cozy pattern Fame)
She is giving away some nice books and only 2 of us have entered the raffle. Get over there and let her know which book you'd like.

I have been getting very very sleepy......due to antihistamines in spades this weekend. I have managed to watch Grays anatomy on hulu. I think i want Meredith's bangs. Mine are too short and sparse.

If I can manage to stay awake for the Grammy's I will watch them. Will you?


Anonymous said...

I'm watching.

I hear Lady Gaga arrived in an egg. LOL Didn't see it on the show though.

Jennifer said...

We didn't watch the Grammy's - watched Bones on Netflix livestream instead. Looks like some great items were included in the kit. I included my Knit Notes.

Dorothy said...

I love ALL my picks, and can't wait to see what Ann chooses!

Ann said...

I can't wait for the box to arrive - after seeing all the goodies that have come out of it, I am anxious to see what has been put back in!

Grace said...

HOW did I miss all of these posts, sorry about the hives, can't wait to see what is in the box when it get backs to you!!

kathy b said...


I went a bit post crazy the past few days...must be the hive medications.....or all the histamine making me have writing fever! Im better today, wednesday.

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