Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dances with Wools Felted Mittens

I knitted myself a pair of mittens. I have to say that I prefer this Dances with Wools mitten pattern because you knit the mittens on two needles, flat. Since seams are forgiven with felting, I wanted to try this method. I tend to fight with the thumb stitches on double points, so this method left me very relaxed. I washed them twice in hot water, with my front loading washing machine, and Tide. Oh, and the yarn was Nashua, again. I love how it is spun and how it felts.

Grace tagged me for 7 things you don't know about me:
could there really be 7 things, the way I blab on and on here at irisheyes?
Let's see:
1)I do not like puddings. The texture gets to me.
2) I am always early if not exactly on time.
3) I never wear a watch;I can usually guess the time anyhow within 10 minutes
4) I've pretty much quit working out/walking since my dog Huck died, and my rescue failed
5) I love to swim but not enough to make me join a pool
6) I love when the cats come to sit on my lap, even if I am knitting
7) I have had two blood transfusions in my life. I am grateful to the anonymous donor!


Nancy said...

Love the color of your mittens.

Felting (fulling) is one thing I have never tried.

Channon said...

Beautiful mittens.

I hate jello and pudding but love mousse. Go figure!!

Cathy said...

Love the green hat in yesterday's post. It looks just like Spring! Can hardly wait for the Red Team box to get back to you as I was on that one.

PS - What color grey is your living room or the room in the background of the green hat? It is lovely.

kathy b said...


Thanks for the living room color compliment. It is a dark kind of neutral color. I will go check the paint can and get back to you. I call it army green/grey.....Im so glad you like it. Thanks

kathy b said...


Felting is fun. You must try it really You will love it!

Katherine said...

I love your mittens. What a great job you did!! They look so warm and comfy.

I like rice pudding but other kinds not so much. I too am thankful for your unknown blood donors. We thank them for Kathyb!

Karen said...

Those mittens are gorgeous! And I think most of your seven things are new to me. I love pudding but hate mashed potatoes. I'm either in time or late. I don't wear a watch either - because my insulin pump has the time on it!! Hugs to you - it's hard to walk alone. I wish I was a better swimmer. Me too - cats sitting in your lap is THE BEST. Wow, two transfusions - I'm grateful to your donor too!!

Marguerite said...

Nice mittens. This is still the time of year to appreciate warm wooly knits.

No red box came today. Hopefully tomorrow. I was hoping to get it back to the postoffice this afternoon so the red team could WIN!!!! Now we have a winter storm warning for tonight so I don't know what's going to be possible for tomorrow. Our nearest PO is eight miles away on country roads.

But I'm going to try, Red Team! Maybe rent a snowmobile?

Beverly said...

Love the mittens. I love mittens and gloves knitted in the round.

I hate pudding, custards and flans. Can't past the soft texture.

kathy b said...

Channon and Bev

heres to fellow texture snobs! I do love mousse too Chan. How about you B ev? Mousse is so light. not gloppy like puddings.

Ling said...

Lovely mittens! I like knitting them in the round!

Ps - I love the green hat from the previous post! You're a lucky gal!

Beth said...

The thumbs on those mittens look freakishly long before they're felted.
I LOVE the texture of puddings! That creamy, soft, smooth coolness. My husband can't stand them, though. I don't mind because there's more for me. :-)

kathy b said...

i have to agree I thought the thumbs were obscenely long before felting. the instructions said the mittens would be floppy and comical prior to felting......I knew I was on to something!

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