Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cheryl's Red Team Takes......get ready Marguerite

Here are Cheryl's Takes. The red team box is on its way to Marguerite. THe green team box was last heard from at Ann's. I do wonder which team is going to win at this point. I love the yarns Cheryl TOOK. Marguerite....I know you are the very last knitter to get a box, and You've been patient! Ann, I cannot wait to show the Red team your Takes. Here's to the Finish line.....should I put out a big ribbon for the mailman to run through?



Jennifer said...

Yes! Put a finish line ribbon. Does your mailman know about the contest?

Marguerite said...

I chased the mail lady down but she didn't have the box today. Maybe tomorrow. I am totally ready!

Katherine said...

Please get a picture of your mailman crossing the finish line! I thought we had the only running mailman. He runs from the truck to our door to deliver a package, and runs back. I think it may be his idea of exercise. Can't wait to see which team wins!!

Judy S. said...

That traveling boxes idea sounds like a lot of fun!

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