Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Day Warm Woolies felted

Warm Woolies Booties Pattern
Easy peasy
Nashua Woolie Stripes Yarn

Happy 2011 Knitting
I talk more in the comments!


Karezybear said...

Very Cute! The flower is a nice touch!

Ling said...

They're adorable! I agree - the flowers add a little something extra!

Beverly said...

Happy Knitting 2011 to yo to. Thanks for the wonderful comments and well wishes.

Yarn Miracle said...

Cute! And they look like they might stay on!

Channon said...

Those are just toooooooo cute! Happy 2011!

Katherine said...

Precious!! Clearly the knitting is good already. Hope the whole year is as good!

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