Saturday, January 08, 2011

How to save 10.95


I am very excited to begin the swap. Here are some details I've decided upon. If you need to drop from the swap, please please let me know now. I understand if you committed and now it seems too much. First of all,
We will use a flat rate box that will cost you 10.95 to mail to your next person. This may be too much for some, and I understand. Send me a private email : and I will quietly remove you from the list.

*We have such a good group that I am splitting it into two boxes. It would take too long to mail through 20 or so people. I think we may lose interest along the way. So I'll divide us into two groups: Fireman says those North of I-80 and those south of I-80.

*Please take what you want and replace with something equivalent. THis is not a dump swap, hahaha. It is meant to thrill the
next knitter!

*I have not included anything I have knitted in the start boxes. I have to say I choose a scarf that someone knitted in a
similar swap last year and loved it. That said, If you wish to replace a skein of yarn with a knitted item that works!

* If it is killiing you to send a light box, go ahead, mail some rocks.....hahahaha.

All that being said, as soon as I have 3 more addresses the swap will begin.

If you are undecided here are some ways to save up the 10.95......

1)Skip the latte twice
2)Make your family a mac and cheese dinner...homemade.
I've always subscribed to the IF MAMA AINT HAPPY AINT NOBODY HAPPY saying
3)Get your next knitting magazine from the library
4)Turn down the heat for a day or so.....unsuspectingly of course.... just
encourage the family to put on their handknits!
5)Tell the checker at the grocery that you don't want one item you put on the belt
I used to do this routinely. There is always something I really don't need.
6)Delve into those couch cushions and coat pockets for change...
7)Wear your clothes twice before you wash them this week!
8)Stay in and knit, you'd be amazed at what you save by not leaving the house at all
9)Buy some Christmas paper on sale for next year.......
and 10) Buy one less box of Girl Scout cookies this year. 11 boxes is almost as good as 12!
I talk more in the comments!


C.C. Almon said...

So excited! Cannot wait for the box to arrive :-)

Nancy said...

I-80 runs through Wyoming, and I am north of the interstate, so if you have a space in the North group, please add my name to the swap. It sounds like a blast.

Marguerite said...

Is it too late to join? I'd love to give it a try.

Kathy said...


YOU are first on my list if Someone drops. I haven't heard from 3 knitters since I put the call out for addresses and emails. I will let you know by MONday okay????? IM so sorry I closed the swap today. I'll bet you get to PLAY!

Katherine said...

Those are great ideas for saving money for yarn year-round! Can't wait for the box to arrive!

Leslie said...

Count me in, Kathy, if you need someone. I live north of I-80, but grew up in Champagin, south of I-80! Thanks for doing this, it sounds like fun.

Leslie said...

I would love to be part of this if you need anyone else. I live north of I-80, but grew up in Champaign, which is south of I-80! I'll take either group! Thanks for doing this. Sounds like great fun.

Grace said...

this sounds like fun and I love the money saving tips!!!

Kathy said...


I offically closed the swap. I feel terrible leaving you out. THis is the hard part of being in charge. I had to stop at some point. The routes were all arranged etc. I know that there are other swaps of this sort on Ravelry.
Maybe next time okay???

Scrabblequeen said...

I love your list of 10 ways to save....

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