Monday, January 03, 2011

Angela's Thick and Quick Hat

Angela is a young nursing student at my internist's office. She is full of life and energy and is going to make a fantastic nurse. When Zach and I went for a two for one, appointment for our matching cold syptoms, Angela saw me knitting. She showed me her really cute hat on the needles. I told her to send me the FO image and I'd post it on the blog.

This Pattern is from Lion Brand's library, Angela says. It is Pattern L0410AD . Yarn is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick. I touched it....soft like buttah......

Keep knitting Angela. You are a natural. The world needs more smart nurses like you! Finish school strong, we are waiting for you!

I talk more in the comments!


Karen said...

So cute - and so sweet of you to share her FO with us!! :) Love that Thick n Quick, I just finished a scarf in it. Which is perfect for me, because of the Quick - it keeps me from getting to bored to finish the scarf. ;)

Z of ZKNITZ said...

Love the color combination.

Out of curiosity, what does "FO" stand for?

Anonymous said...

Angela - are you twisting your stitches on purpose? I only mention it because I knit twisted stitches for years (literally) before I figured out that I was doing something wrong, and a friend of mine did the same thing.

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