Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alyssa's picks from Take and Replace Green Team

Alyssa chose the sock yarn and the wrist wrap. I love that sock yarn, and figured it would go fast!!! Karen, get ready to receive the box soon!

If you noticed, I decided to zigzag the places in the USA that the boxes were going. There were too many east coast knitters to make it fair in terms of the little race involved to get the boxes back to me! Both teams have a shot at coming in first. Yes there will be some little prize for the first place team. It will be a raffle among you for a yarn prize. Just an added incentive to get the box to the next knitter who is eagerly waiting to play.

Knit LIfe around here these days involves a scarf I am knitting in Wool In the Woods dark colorway. Lynne of I Was Knit Together in My Mother's Womb blog, asked me to test knit. ME! Your very very average knitter. Flattery will get you everywhere! It is a fun and easy pattern so far.

I am also still working on the alpaca sox. I finished the first sock last night and cast on the second. I have to say I really enjoyed knitting up the Bicycle Hat this week on big honkin needles with fat yarn! I think the variety was good for my hands and wrists.

I am so happy my knitting and blogging mojo is back in full swing. A few other things I am happy about:

*the Swap is working out great!
*I have started to feed the birds again, and love seeing them come to the feeder
*juncos are back. I think there should be a yarn colorway called Junco
*snow, I just love it this time of year.
*Sweetheart hearts are out again. Such a lowfat treat.

Have a Happy Saturday!

I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

We've made a turn at our house too. Sissy's healing well, Gretchen is content again, and we finally bought that sectional we've been talking about for more than three years.

Kathy said...


Thrilled that Sissy is healing well and Gretch is good again! Enjoy that sectional...are the dogs allowed on it????

Marguerite said...

Oh oh, I didn't know it was a race. I get snowed in alot this time of year, but will do my best to get it out ASAP.

If I don't, nine people will hate me. Oh the other hand, nine people on the green team will love me.

Kathy said...

M: no one could ever hate you!! I think you are at the end of the line anyhow and the snow will be gone according to my guess at when the boxes will get back to Glenview Illinois! im guessing april 15th, Tax DAY

Alyssa said...

Hehe, I starting knitting the socks today for my boyfriend, I think he's really excited about them!

And, I sent the package to the post office, but they said that it might not be processed until Monday (I got there late Saturday afternoon) >-<

Kayherine said...

We are having lots of Juncos and Chickadees at the feeder and flocks of red wing blackbirds that scare the little birds away. Good bird feeding time!

I'm happy your knitting and blogging mojo is back too!!

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