Monday, December 06, 2010

When to have a party..

Im still knitting the red scarf. I had to shelve knitting for a few days. I should be back to it tonight.

I was thinking we should have a party when our tiny kitchen remake is over. Now I am rethinking this....

if my kitchen is like yours, everyone stands in it during the party while I am busy in it! I should have the party now
while its is just floors and walls! What do you think?

I talk more in the comments!=


sapphireblue said...

Very pretty tile!

Katherine said...

Love the tile! Your kitchen is about the size of mine. We consistently have 12 to 18 family members for Sunday lunch and it gets really "cozy" in there. At least they wash dishes and stir things on the stove while they are there! LOL

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

Grace said...

the tile is fabulous, My apartment kitchen is tiny and everyone winds up there, the heat is the body heat and people!!!

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