Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The nearly miraculous matching gift socks and a great coffee cake

I'm copying Grace in her modified 10 on Tuesday from Carole's blog. Here are ten of my favorite gifts this Christmas!

*the ipod shuffle I am learning to use. A whole new world as Aladdin would say

*New MUDD slippers that are actually booties

*Thyme hand lotion in Kimono Rose.......this is a nurse testimony! Trust me. :)

*homemade cookies from my neighbors 2 doors down

*a goofy little house that lights up in different windows as it plays holiday tunes

*New sweater from Territory Ahead....soft as buttah

*Minneonka driving shoes

*a little necklace from AL

*a little gadget from my dad, who still worries about his daughters, that you put on your keychain and it hides
a 20 dollar bill for emergencies

*new set of ceramic measuring spoons that match the kitchen

I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

Love the gift from your dad. I still keep a $20 hidden... well, never mind where. My senior sis in college threw a tantrum on my first college date when she asked if I had mad money and I looked blank...

Mad. Money. Money to catch a cab home with the date goes wrong. Country Mouse knew nothing of cabs, much less mad money. I never leave home without it. Thanks, Tashaboo!

Katherine said...

Dads never stop worrying about their little girls! Mine always made certain that I had "mad money" and I even used it a couple of times (no cell phones then. You had to call someone or catch a cab if things didn't go as expected).

Love your 10 things for Christmas. Haul!

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Isn't that coffee cake awesome? It's one of our traditions to have it on Christmas morning!
Happy New Year!

Kathy said...

Irisheyes Lynnn

Thanks for keeping the coffee cake a secret... Now you tell me and I ve already had 50 Christmases!

Grace said...

GREAT gifts would love to know more about the lotion I have the dryest skin ever.

I will email you later, do you have a vest pattern in particular that you need reverse instructions for? Or general

The helicopter was not an AIR hog, but some in expensive brand, and I have lots of sock yarn, but would like a recommendation for a slightly heavier one for the first pattern!!

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