Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just when I thought I'd heard it all.......

Knit content: I couldn't pass up the Ann Norling Patterns at the yarn store closing. I find her patterns clear and wonderful. I 'd like to make a seaman's scarf soon. I think her patterns are a bargain because she gives you many options when you buy just one item. If you are looking to give a knitter a gift, Ann Norling patterns are a sure thing in my book.

So, just when I thought I'd heard it all I heard this one! I had to share it with you. I've worked in the intensive care nursery for years, and I thought I'd heard every line about new babies that was ever spoken. Not true. On MY mom's birthday Monday night we were gathered for Death by Chocolate cake and my mom told us this story that we had never heard! Apparently the nurse
brought my mother out to her dad for the first time and she said, "Where did your daughter get her red hair??????"
My Irish grandpa, winked and replied, "Under me arms!"

I talk more in the comments!


sapphireblue said...

I have an Ann Norling simple sock pattern that I used for my first pair of socks. Very simple instructions.

Channon said...

Hahaha! LOVE it! Merry Christmas!

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