Monday, December 20, 2010

I have her, do you have her?

Al and I both have this knitting ornament from Hallmark. Do you have her too? Do you have another knit ornament???

I am still working on the socks I showed last week. I will be knitting during the Bear's game tonight for just a bit. I can't blame the players for questioning the safety of the stadium in MN. I am way too nervous a nellie and wouldnt want to be a spectator under the snowy dome either.....A knitting spectator I would be of course.

I have half a mind to knit a hat for a gift before Christmas, but thankfully the other half of my mind is dominant right now. THe half that still has to clean the house and plan the Christmas day menu, so far is winning out.
I talk more in the comments!


Grace said...

I do have her and I sent her to 2 friends last year!!

Katherine said...

How cute! I've missed that one. Where does she come from? I thought about knitting another cowl before Christmas but I am otherwise finished so why mess with a good thing? I'm really all for sliding into Christmas this year, relaxed and peaceful!

Bears are winning!! Yea clinch!!

Channon said...

I do not, but I'll be hitting the Hallmarks on the north end of town today to see if they have her!!

sapphireblue said...

I must have it!

Laura said...

I don't have her, but I will be looking for her. Too cute.
Have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all the best in the New Year!

Kay said...

Hi, I'm a lurker but you've brought me out to ask about that darling ornament. We've looked for her online and cannot find her in the Dream Book. Would you mind telling me who, what, when and where? Thank you!

Kathy said...


Thanks for de luRking. You never know what motivates a lurker to post! YIPPEE.

I know I got this ornament at a Hallmark store. I think it was no more than 3 years ago. GOOD LUCK!

Jennifer said...

Ooh - that is too adorable. How perfect!

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