Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Save 56.00 dollars

No, this skein wasn't that expensive. I did save 60% on it though at the store closing. I have to stay outta there! Then again, the deals are not to be taken lightly. This skein will be made into drop dead gorgeous pastel socks!!

Here is how you save 56 dollars. You bring your little skein of prize yarn that you are sending in the age of fast, to UPS and tell them you are sending it to the winner in Canada. They tell you, ashamedly, that it will cost 59 dollars and there are no other options. You thank them. You go to the US post office and mail it for 3 dollars. That is how you save 56 dollars! Cheryl I hope you love the yarn you won. I think it will knit up beautifully!

While I was at UPS nearly choking, another man there told me his mom was a knitter. Here we go again! No not the
chihuahua booties, again! He told me, thinking fondly and talking proudly of his mom. He said she knit MILE A MINUTE afgans
and I should look up the pattern. He said she could knit those afghans while watching TV and with loaves of bread baking in the oven and never drop a stitch. So I looked up the Mile a Minute pattern but I can only find it in crochet. Looks like you knit in long strips and put them together. THis would make it easier on the arms/fingers/wrists as the piece would never get too
heavy individually. Have you heard of Mile a Minute the pattern?

I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

Haven't heard of the pattern, and yes, the USPS has a corner on the "international" market!

Patt said...

I have heard of it. it is "old timey". A lady I worked with in the 80's made them. I have the needle thingy somewhere. She was going to teach me to make them. But she never did. UPS also wanted to charge me 10.00 for an empty box! Before I even filled it up to ship. I found a free box and mailed it for 11.38 with the good ole USPS!

Kathy said...


Im old timey!!! But i hadn't heard of that pattern! I just got my AARP subscription!

Beverly said...

I knitted socks using the exact same color. Looks like the same yarn too.

Nope. Haven't heard of that pattern.

Dee said...

I was going to send a skein of yarn to a friend in Washington. UPS wanted 11.something.

U.S.P.S. cost me under $2.

Funny thing --- the guy at the UPS store wasn't going to mention any other way OTHER than UPS, even though they sell stamps and shipping boxes.

When I said I would take it to the post office and get one of their prepaid boxes -- he offered up the postal price.


Anonymous said...

There are several pattern books with only Mile a Minute afghan patterns in them. I should see if I still have any.


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