Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays Continue!

Some yarny goodness : This is my new sock yarn. I casted on this weekend and only got to about the fourth round, but I love it . I got it at the store closing and it is part alpaca..

I finished the other pair of socks after I took them out of the oven. I gave them to my nephew's wife that very night at Christmas Eve and she loved them. We had a tiny Christmas knit miracle as the ended up matching perfectly!

We have officially used the kitchen. I made a point of showing my guests the empty spotless oven inside before I used it. Everyone knows I am quirky so they laughed and it didnt' surprise them at all. Thanks for all the pretend friend support. It was especially fun to use the kitchen for the first time with Family on Christmas day. We have a family saying around here that Christmas is a Season not a day, as we often have to work on the day. I am definitely still in the spirit of the Season today!

Santa brought me an ipod. This means I'll be singing off key with the ear pieces in and driving Fireman crazy soon. Zach is going to show me how to use it. today. Since we worked on Christmas and last night I am just going over the presents today! Would you please recommend a favorite song of any kind that I can put on the ipod? I like all kinds of music. ?

I talk more in the comments!


sapphireblue said...

Love the yarn! I like anything Al Green

Grace said...

Pretty new sock yarn Love it!1

Patt said...

Something you can dance around to! make them really crazy singing off key out loud and dancing! have fun. I am interested in the iPod, but don't know if i would use it.

Katherine said...

I love SOX and those colors are gorgeous! How exciting about your new iPod! I couldn't get through tax season without mine. I just downloaded Billy Joel's Piano Man. Don't know why I didn't have it before. Enjoy!!

Oh please share pictures of a clean oven! I may never see one otherwise.

Beverly said...

Let me know how the yarn knits up. I have some but haven't used it yet.

For music George Benson, Spyrogyra, Bonnie Raitt and Nora Jones. There are many many more buth these came to mind.

Kathy said...


I am loving how this yarn knits up. Cannot wait to show it pooing in a way I actually love.

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