Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Old news......but new to me!

Here is the kitchen with new walls and new color. All in good time....all in good time. My mantra! Truth be told I don't mind not cooking one bit......still!

Today I read a snippet in a Thanksgiving issue of Family Circle Magazine about knitting. A man said you could send him your favorite old sweater and he would give it to his mom to unravel and knit into something else. For twenty dollars! Twenty dollars seems like a steal to me! The graphic showed a sweater turned into a scarf. I wonder how the response was..........
What a cute idea for something you may have outgrown or seems outdated that you still love!

I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

That is a cute idea!

Congrats on the kitchen. Ours needs a remodel, but I'm not ready for life without a kitchen!

sapphireblue said...

Love the color!

Katherine said...

A lot of what I knit is unraveled and knit into something else. I just never knew I could make money on it! LOL

Love the kitchen color.

Grace said...

Love the progress on the kitchen!

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