Monday, June 28, 2010

A Toe Tale

Some knitting to show for. I finished the Opal superwash socks last night. I opted to let them be sisters, not identical twins. I think they will be very fun for whoever gets to wear them. I liked the yarn because it was not prone to splitting.

When I got to the finish of the toe yesterday, I had my usual issue. I like a 3 needle bind off. I don't know why but I can knit a sock really well and mess it up on the last 16 stitches. When I turned it back to right side out, there were a few loose stitches. at at the toe seam ......argh.

I had visiions of just ripping back the toe close, or ripping back to the start of the toe decreases, and worst case ripping the entire sock out . Somehow I carefully, slowly and very deliberately concentrated my way to success. I went back a few rows from the bind off, and managed to pick up the stitches well enough to bind off again. Second time success.

Up next: more summer sox. Friend Karen likes the way WeNDY happy knits up. The price was right. The colors are ice creams and the start will come later today.

Al is going to knit the pig socks. I will be so happy to post them sometime in the future.

Have a happy day

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Channon said...

I might have to try a 3-needle BO on my next pair of socks. I can do the more traditional grafting, but it makes me cranky, for some reason.

Those are pretty!

staci said...

Congrats on finishing a wonderful pair of socks!

LizzieK8 said...

Next time, throw them in the washer and dryer and see if you can find the loose stitches. A lot of looseness fixes itself once the socks are washed and dried/blocked.

Grace said...

lovely socks!!!

Katherine said...

I am itching to try a Kitchener stitch closing but have chickened out on the last couple of sock toes. I think 3 needle is the way to go!

Can't wait to see the pig socks!

Beverly said...

Cool! I've finally gotten the hang of the Kitchener stitch. Have you ever tried the sock chimney? It can be tricky also but it's magic when it is done right.

My feet are so sensitive now that I had to do away with the 3-needle bind a long time ago.

z of zknitz said...

These socks look really good. I hope that when I finally figure out how to make some, they could look half as good as yours.

Nell said...

They look great! And you'll wear them all the time. I love knitting socks in summer. They are light and portable.

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