Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ring around the nosey

I don't have a knitting photo for you yet. My New Opal Sock colorway in brown and blues is a big hit with me. I love the way it is knitting up. Tonight during the Hawks game, I'll be working on the gusset of the first sock.

Have you heard of FreeCycle? I'm probably the last to know, but just in case I'll share it with you. It is a site that you can list something you don't care to have and don't want to try selling, for someone to come and take. You leave it on your doorstep and the next thing you know it is gone.

There was a FreeCycle event right near Al's place last weekend. She picked up a copy of FolkSocks. For free. :) I think I was happier when she told me that find, than if she'd told me she found anything else.

Fireman is slowly better, but we need more patience here. Some restrictions will be lifted in just 6 more days. Whose counting?

Today's thereapy for him is the movie Breaking Away. He loves that flick. No sooner had he started it, than he was laughing.
Humor is a great medicine .

and finally, Cricket went after a full grown rabbit in our yard last night, and killed it swiftly. He did not listen to my leave it, and come commands at all. He seemed quite proud when he finally dropped it and sat next to it. The irony: he killed it right in front of my St. Francis of Assissi statue........what do you make of that?
I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

I can't stop laughing. My inlaws aren't particularly religious, much less Catholic, so they just think I'm daft...

(Do I need to go home and do a rosary or two for enjoying the irony too much?)

Katherine said...

I think you need to put a blindfold on St. Francis. There is only so much he can take! The photo of the toy on the nose is priceless. I can see that Cricket has a real sense of humor!

Still sending up healing prayers for Fireman.

Sara said...

I am not Catholic, but I work at a Catholic school (which must be like playing one on TV.) Perhaps St Francis would have used it as an object lesson. "See, you can control your urges. God made you to be more than an animal who lives by mere instinct." But I could be wrong. I also love Breaking Away. It's a great movie!

Turtle said...

freecycle rocks!

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