Friday, May 21, 2010

The subject is Chocolate knitting

Stay with me here. These are Chocolate covered salted caramels. Within the last year we discovered these gems. Fireman and I love them. They are for very special occasions. This little pack was for his birthday a few weeks ago. They come in light and dark chocolate.

I have to send you over now to Bianca's site : to show you her chocolate socks.
She created this pattern and the socks are beautiful. The are published with the pattern in Yarnforward Issue 26 as well.

RIght now my socks are very simple. I let the yarn color do the work. It soothes me not to have to think very hard right now.
Someday I want to knit these socks on Bianca's site. I admire you all who knit complex socks and create the patterns.

wishing you chocolate or caramels or knitting time this weekend.

The weekend can't go fast enough. Fireman's surgery is monday. :) Thank you for the well wished a prayers.
I talk more in the comments!


Grace said...

keeping fireman in our prayers and those chocolates look yummy

My word verification is nougat

Channon said...

Oh, you might have just added another stop to my errand list tomorrow... I think I need some handmade salted carmels...

Sara said...

mmmm. Chocolate. Hope Fireman has a speedy recovery!

Katherine said...

My thoughts and prayers will be with Fireman and you on Monday.

Chocolate covered caramels--be still my heart. I am a chocoholic anyway. Show me chocolate with caramel and my knees get weak!

Can't wait to see your socks.

sapphireblue said...

Must wipe the drool off my computer screen.

Ling said...

I've never tried chocolate covered salted caramels - maybe one day!!

Wishing Fireman a speedy recovery.

Beverly said...

The chocolates look so delicious. Sending prayers your way for a good recovery.

Donna Boucher said...

praying right now.

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